How to grow my points

Please see below a step-by-step guide as to how the FUNda Sonke Loyalty Club points system works. As part of this guide we will explain how points are earned and how these become rewards. Also we will explain when you will earn badges, trophies and even certificates! Bonus points are also discussed in this section.

Who can earn points?

You can be a member of the FUNda Sonke Loyalty programme in two ways or as a combination of both.

How it works:-

Bonus points can be earned in the following ways

How do I get rewards on my profile?

We have 3 levels to our reward system: rewards given every 2 months; rewards given every quarter (4 months) and one large annual reward. How this works:-

What are the rewards?

Rewards vary from spot prizes of books and snacks, to airtime vouchers to a larger annual grand prize - the nature of which will be disclosed nearer to the time.

What is the minimum and maximum points I could earn in a month?

If you don't pledge or participate in any activity in a given month you will earn 0 points. However if you participate in a very limited way you could earn a minimum of 5 points. If however you are very engaged and participate very actively you could earn a maximum of 70 points in a given month.

How do points translate into Rand value?

There is a 1-to-1 relationship of points to Rands earned. However the value of the voucher or the airtime issued by Nal'ibali is of their sole discretion. Typically however reward values will be equivalent to points earned, and in some instances may in fact be larger than points value