About FUNda Sonke Loyalty Programme

Once you have registered our site (to be part of the FUNda Sonke Loyalty Club), we will set you a literacy-related task every month. Linked to each task will be a requirement to send us evidence that you’ve completed the monthly task (such as sharing photos of your reading group on social media). When we set the task we will explain what evidence we are looking for.

Rewards and prizes

Everyone needs stimulation, recognition and rewards to stay motivated. At Nal’ibali we believe that part of FUNda Leader network’s success relies on having a healthy balance of hard (supplement subscription, snacks, airtime) and soft (recognition) rewards. To qualify for rewards FUNda Leaders will need to have earned them through point-generating reported activities, for which there has been evidence provided. When a user is close to qualifying for an award, there will be an automated notification on their profile informing them. This same notification can be sent to that user’s network. Rewards will be allocated on a quarterly basis, mostly through cell phone redemption – which may or may not expire. Participation in monthly tasks will earn you points, which you will see reflected on your profile at the end of each week. Each FUNda leader or e-learner will have the opportunity to compete against all other registered FUNda leader or e-learners. How your performance compares with that of other FUNDA leaders will be shown on a leader board which is updated at the end of each week. During that month you will have the chance to earn bonus points for performing additional tasks such as referring a friend to the FUNda Sonke incentive programme or posting your task on social media encouraging others to join the programme. To learn about how to earn bonus point – click here

Leader board

In order to promote FUNda Leaders’ activities and pave the way for organic advocacy to develop, we will have a monthly leader board that will showcase top performing FUNda Leaders. This will be based on the number of times a user has logged on in a month, number of activities completed, participation in social media forums and/or providing user generated content (UGC). Competitions Every second month there will be a competition giveaway allocated for exceptional work performed through the set literacy activities. These will range from books, to supplement subscriptions, to tickets to the LITASA conference.


There is an ultimate annual prize that is sponsored by Nal'ibali which all FUNda Sonke members are eligible for. Winning of this prize is based on points accumulated throughout the year based on FUNda leader/e-learner participation in the FUNda Sonke programme, completion of monthly tasks, the earning of bonus points, and the completion of online training.