Win Nal'ibali goodies: Reading Club Competition

Here are the latest comments!

Melanie Lippert:
I had just wrapped up another story session with a group of Gr 2 learners when one of the learners begins a story of her own. Her classmates turned around to face her and made themselves comfortable by sprawling out on the blanket. I left her to interact with the group only offering a word or two of encouragement when needed. The listeners posed questions, laughed, ooh'ed and aah'ed as the story progressed. I'll definitely be encouraging more impromptu "open mike" sessions this year.

Melanie Lippert:
My Gr7 apprentice FUNda leaders assist and most times lead a reading club during interval on a Friday during interval. They've sacrificed their Friday lunchbreak since Term 2 to interact the Gr3 learners who visited the Literacy room. These girls inspire me to reach out to as many children as possible and to literally keep the love for stories, words and reading alive.

Samuel Moyo:
Bohlabela Christianity school is the reading club that based at rural area, since we have started this reading enjoyment in our society .. We have encouraged lot of children's to read their book's We sometimes give them chance to tell stories to other adult people, also to us funders leader . We would like to appreciate to Nalibali By giving us training without mind about the distance We have done lot of thing's with our children's of my community *drawings -SA flags and more shapes like triangle etc *we given them time to share with us stories they have in their mind *we also give them chance to enjoy reading *we structured children's writing activity *we sing song's with them *we play games with them *we encourage them to read loud *we give them time to looked at a book with friends /read *parent of the children's they sometimes pay visit for us to hear for their children's when they read aloud I'm always taking photo's with any activity we do in our reading club Also video's And audio when we share or tell stories I thank you nal'ibali Fr training us I hope and believe that with you ,I will prosper with my children's My community are see important of this reading club now When we start , thy were taking this as a joke Thank you a lot How can I share photo's , videos and audio with you Please I'm ready to share with you As I'm proud with what I have started

Norah Ngobeni:
This is a youth book club session in the library in our village, it takes place every Friday afternoon school whereby each one borrow a fiction book during the week and we meet on Friday to discuss what we have read, a very special memory about this book club is that more learners are interested in reading where i also buy some refreshments to serve after the session ,this encourages them to become more interested in reading since they do not go home with empty stomach.

sindisiwe Tsheka:
As a young parent I would to recommend Nalibali to other youth all over South Africa.when i found out about nalibali i was happy because i used to read for myself only and nalibali came and change all of that and taught me to ready for young children staring from 0 upwards.i like reading very much .

sindisiwe Tsheka:
I take a moment out of my busy life to call children and read story to them.and children feel feel welcome and loved by doing so i even sing and dance with them .

Gresham Madhan:
I recently got our local kids to act out their favourite scenes of their best classic fairytales. Some chose Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood among others. The talent is our community is phonemoninal. I gave out little gifts to those who were outstanding and they were overjoyed. Some of the kids are really disadvantaged so I would really like to hold these activities on a regular basis...

Melanie Lippert:
Being a mobile service besides being stationed at a primary school, I have the opportunity to take my stories, crafts and play to community holiday clubs. I was invited to entertain about 70 children to a craft session which ended with impromptu Story time. Nal'ibali saved the day as I was able source a story from the Multilingual Story Library. The group was in an absolute hush as they listened Bhuti Rabbits boring day. Ps. Where do we load the pics?

Annah Gumbi:
It is when what was supposed to be my training alone turned out to be my community educators and parents training. The joy of sharing a skill that will help better our children's future made me cry tears of joy. I had organized training in my hometown Letlhabile Brits area in the North West province for 2 days and ended up having some time to go to local schools for story activation... It was amazing. Thank you so much Nalibali

Tshepo Ramolefe:
Hi Nal'ibali. My most memorable day was the first time I shared a session with the kids @ the ECD center. It was special to me because I didn't know that even picture books were important as a development item helping kids to understand what's being talked about. A reading club showed me that there is more to learning than meets the eye! Reading is POWER and BOOKS are a source of POWER!