6 Fun Story Activities for Children


In need of new ideas to keep reading fun for your child? Look no further! We’ve pulled together our Top 6 story activities for children:

  1. Create an animal scrapbook with your child! Cut out pictures from old newspapers and magazines and stick them in a book. Then create a little story with your child by using the pictures you’ve stuck in the book! Ask your child to help you come up with the story, and write it down for them.
  2. If your child doesn’t know how to read yet, simply share these fun and exciting rhymes with them.
  3. Print out our Story Cards to decorate your children’s room or your classroom with beautiful stories.
  4. If your child is very young, start out each storytime session with a song. It can be a children’s rhyme, lullaby or even a tune you made up. This gets little ones excited and sets a fun tone for reading.
  5. If you want to be adventurous, make stories up on the go! Ask your child to start a story (with one sentence) then add on to that sentence with another part of the story, and your child will add another line after that. By the end, you’ll have a creative and hilarious story created by the two of you!
  6. Creating props with recycled material is easy, and children love to do it themselves! Our club in the North West used all sorts of throw-away items to help children set the storytelling scene.

If you have any fun ideas you’d like to share with us, drop a comment below!

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Bongiwe Nana 2 months ago:
I love your stories