Women's characters in stories!

Who is your favourite woman character, and why? 

From Wonderwoman and Cinderella to Refilwe, tell us which female character you love!

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Melanie Lippert 1 month ago:
Alice in Wonderland! A bit of madness before breakfast is exactly how I start my day. I try to look beyond the reflection in the looking glass to see what fantastic adventures are waiting for me on the other side.
Melanie Lippert 3 months ago:
Xama the San Woman. Beautiful, strong, courageous, kind, loving and connected to her community.
Melanie Lippert 4 months ago:
Ayla from the Earth Child series by Jean Auel was the first female book character I was in awe of. She never allowed a man or challenge get the better of her. I first read the series in my late teens then again as an adult and I felt even more admiration for this strong woman. Another favourite is Alice in Wonderland. With the direction my life is taking now, I feel closer to Wonderland than ever before.